Web 2.47 Release Notes - February 23, 2017

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Trimble Connect Web

New Features


  • Breadcrumbs in 2D/3D viewer

  • Stable URL for file viewer (Detailed, 2D, 3D, Maps)
  • 2D Embeddable viewer component
  • Public API: Company
  • API to get list of supported 2D/3D/Spatial formats
  • Overriding a file in a folder which already contains a file with the same name
  • BCF Import: Handing attached documents in bcf as attached documents in Todo - 3D file
  • Add rule button to fields in maps template editor
  • View multiple map data types in the same Maps viewer
  • Filter by user in Maps workspace - Uploaded files



  • ToDo : Clicking on Clash item attachment in a todo should open the particular clash item in 3dviewer
  • Tags should be a part of File and ToDo export in Excel.
  • Public V2.0 API : Set/update Viewer Preferences
  • Clash set creation uses the original, not updated file version
  • Api changes for 2dviews attachment type for in addTodoAttachments api.
  • BCF Import : Handling attached unsupported files as attached documents in ToDo
  • Show proper Assim status when the project priority is set as 10
  • 2dviews zoom, rotation , and other property changes
  • 2dviews zoom, rotation , and other property changes


Bug Fixes

  • If there is no thumbnail for view, broken image is shown
  • Project : Getting NPE while trying to create project after removing given invalid date
  • Data Mapping Issue is impacting Search
  • [2D Assim] PDF files randomly failed assim process[Alex Hite]
  • [Release] Explorer shows Release Version Instead of Latest Version
  • Clash items response Range header and http status code is incorrect
  • Embeddable map viewer - Writing library script
  • BIM Objects are missed in response
  • BIM Objects Search response has wrong values in range header2
  • _Attachment hidden folder (creating during BCF import) is visible to the Project user role
  • TCC migration Acces Sync UAT issues
  • Production : Deletion of more than 1000 files having same time stamp goes in infinite loop (Files are not getting indexed on EU and AP PODs)
  • Manual download doesn't download all the files from the folder
  • View data RHS panel- Date is displayed as 'NaN'
  • Modified By in the attribute panel does not reflect when feature is edited in the web UI
  • [3D Viewer] 3D Files Reassimilated Still Disappear When Rotate, Pan, Zoom
  • Double folder/file entries seen in data page [project specific]