Sync 2.43.7 Release Notes - Feb 24 2017

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Trimble Connect Sync

New Features

  • Faster sync with upload & download of files simultaneously

  • Ability to specify Sync Data Folder
  • Local file scanning optimization
  • Cancelled or aborted sync does not roll back already uploaded/downloaded files




  • Correct validation of proxy port field in sync preferences
  • Allow modification of direction on home page
  • Bundle up the latest .net version along with the Sync installation screens


Bug Fixes

  • Sync schedules deleted on network loss
  • Changing Region of Windows Causes Schedule to not Work
  • Files not downloading when new revision exists for files in a release
  • "Parent folder needs permission.." error message changed to "Write Permission required.." after multiple syncs
  • Project level and Schedule level spinner is spinning in 2 different directions
  • Files/Folders are not renamed/deleted/moved while syncing after No Access folders are changed to Full Access
  • Selective sync doesn't retain the check box selection when server folder is changed
  • Getting Upload completed error message for a conflict file upload to read only folder
  • Selective Sync is not saving after the server root folder changes
  • 'No records found' message is not shown when the search have no matched records
  • User not able to select particular folders and files.
  • "Folder Downloaded" activity is displayed twice in the Sync Activity tab
  • Old schedules are deleted while changing the config path to new location
  • excluded directories are getting downloaded.
  • Sync Tool Logging Out User After 8 Hours
  • Long tool tips are not wrapping
  • Sync.Net tool does not come up during start up
  • Upload Only Schedule with Sync Root Set Throws Error On Second Sync.
  • Data Size param in Sync status pop-up should have units same like web app
  • 'Access Denied' Error Causes Sync Schedule to Stop
  • When clicking 'Contact Support' Sync App Hangs with Spinner
  • Exception Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • processREQUEST.json contains null value, process.json contains full project data
  • Getting "System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception" while clicking on Sync Activity after around 2000 lines of entries and hangs
  • Sync Activity Percentage freezes during sync
  • Sync Tool Crashed with OverflowException
  • Contact Support function shown error message and application is crashing
  • Unable to sync project - Collection Argument is empty
  • Folder download from Server to Local is not happening through sync
  • Sync Tool - Not able to Sync getting Error Message from Server, ErrorCode : DUPLICATE_NAME, Message : DUPLICATE_NAME
  • Project links in Project dashboard page needs to be changed from "" to ""
  • Error: File/Folder Path Must Be Less Than 260 Characters
  • Skip is not happening when upload/download fails
  • Sync Tool Becomes Slow/Unresponsive When Mapped to Network Drive
  • Working with Selective Sync dialog frequently makes the Sync tool crash
  • Sync tool crashes when trying to edit the folder path of the selective sync.
  • Projects are not loaded properly while sync tool is trying to access invalid network path
  • Project Page Blank After Logging In
  • Sync tool hangs while accessing sync icon from System tray and all the progressing schedules are stopped if refresh
  • Spinner keeps on rotating when the server is down
  • Sync tool ends up with Directory Name Invalid exception
  • Cannot access commondata network path through sync
  • Sync tool is crashing when invalid folder path is given
  • Folder is not Renamed for rename operations after changing from "No Access" to "Full Access" permission
  • Sync Tool is not working as expected
  • 403 error is seen in UI instead of permission denied message
  • Activity shows previous schedule actions when Error comes in current schedule
  • Error messages that needs to be updated
  • 500 error is seen in activity page when project is deleted during UP SYNC
  • No records found is seen for few seconds while refreshing
  • 500 error is seen in activity page when project is deleted during DOWN SYNC
  • Trimble connect sync tool Crashed
  • Preferences is not available when Proxy is set wrong and signout
  • The renamed folder is getting downloaded as a seperate folder instead of renaming the existing folder in local
  • Crash while cancelling multiple syncs and signout