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Bookmarks help you keep track of your favorite content over long periods of time. You can bookmark content inside or outside of your community.

You can bookmark any content in the community, and even sites outside the community. When you want to look at that content again later, you can go to it quickly by clicking in the search box at the top of any page and selecting Bookmarked. You'll see a list of your recent bookmarks. Clicking Show all bookmarks at the bottom of the list lets you toggle between a complete list of Your bookmarks and All, which shows public bookmarks from everyone in the community. (You won't see bookmarks created for content that you can't access, such as documents in a private group.)

Bookmark Content Inside Your Community

To bookmark content stored inside your community, navigate to the content item and then click Bookmark in the right menu.

Bookmark Sites Outside of Your Community

To conveniently bookmark sites outside of your community, add the "bookmarklet" tool to your web browser. The bookmarklet tool allows you to bookmark external sites and bring them inside your community.

To install the bookmarklet, click in the Spotlight Search box and then select Bookmarked > Show all bookmarks > Click to install in the left sidebar. Then simply drag the Add Site button onto your browser's toolbar.

To bookmark a site outside the community, click Add site to community in your browser's toolbar and then add your notes and tags. You can use the bookmarklet link to bookmark any content as you browse the Web. In other words, you don't need to be using Jive to save and share bookmarks in your Jive community.