Web 2.48 Release Notes - March 9, 2017

Document created by karthik_rajagopal@trimble.com on Apr 26, 2017
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  • ToDo: Bulk edit functionality


  • Company Administration: Company Profile
  • Public API: Company users list
  • Create and show thumbnails for Maps workspaces
  • Improved new map workspace workflow
  • Consistent Zoom Behavior in Maps
  • Styling for RTConfigurations
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for additive selection
  • Instant Emails are not triggered for View deleted activity
  • Instant Emails are not triggered for ToDo Edited activity
  • Changing tags association should change the object timestamp similar to attachments. This should trigger the change in the object type HT.
  • Creating view with renamed/updated model not working
  • Create ToDo Edit activity for missing fields
  • Search: ToDo listing visible only to creator, admin and assignee
  • GEO API : Change the extension of map files from .tcmap to .tmap
  • Views : Clicking on view thumbnail in the right panel loads the view in 3d viewer only once
  • IFC file assimilation failed
  • Sync.Net: Email notification shows folder counts as files count and folder activities are missing
  • Activity : Edited release name is seen in the activities which were performed before renamed activity
  • PDF: opening second revision of a file throws error 
  • Files API : Hidden input param should be renamed as "hidden" and API should return 400 for invalid and blank hidden values
  • Public API Doc : Fix all standardization issues
  • Styling issues that need to be fixed when translation is applied
  • DWG fails to generate pdf and image file for some file
  • Performance : CSS not loaded from cache though content was not modified on server
  • Views associated to ToDo are not getting deleted in 2D viewer
  • [Sync.net] Allow user to add .DS_Store in the excluded file types
  • Activity : Deleted view/clashset activity is not seen for user
  • 2D views: 'Object not found' is seen while switching between revisions with comments tab opened
  • Sorting clashsets by type property api throws duplicate items
  • Add Files to ToDo: This value is required message is displayed unnecessarily 
  • Add Views to ToDo: Views selection is not retained after adding the views to existing ToDo
  • Embeddable map viewer - Writing library script - Enhancement
  • java.lang.NullPointerException when creating clashset without models
  • Yes/No fields that haven't been answered show a value of 'None' instead of being null
  • Unit label isn't shown beside value for Estimated Accuracy autofields
  • If you are scrolled down in the Workspace list then search, no results are shown
  • Scroll can get messed up when deselecting fields
  • parentId is missed on file versions API when parent is renamed
  • Site goes down even if one POD is down
  • MAPS - When loading a large workspace - performance issues
  • MAPS - Loading the template library performance
  • MAPS - error while restoring layer
  • Double folder/file entries seen in data page
  • Styling - Template editor - Required() and Lock icon overrides condition/target icon
  • Selecting Unassigned user doesn't display feature that is modified by some other