Web 2.51 Release Notes - May 25, 2017

Document created by karthik_rajagopal@trimble.com on May 26, 2017
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  • Share data with any anonymous users with shareable public link

         Share Data


  • Drag and drop upload to any folder in Data tab

         Drag and drop upload


  • Selection function confuses users to accidentally delete multiple files/folders, all secondary functions are moved to the right panel for selection context        Commands in right panel  
  • Delete option: Files/folders associated with ToDo
  • Delete option: Files/folders associated with Views
  • Delete option: Files/folders associated with Clashsets
  • Get to Connect Project Settings from map workspace menu
  • Confirmation popup for Removing a Map workspace within the Map viewer
  • Template Editor - Decoupling layer from template editor
  • Template Editor - Plug the template editor out of map



  • ToDo: right-side pane - Reorder information details
  • Last Visited Field Shows Inaccurate Date
  • Reduce map tile providers and route all tilesets through Trimble Maps service
  • Update Tag widget autocomplete tooltip
  • Search: Create new Index to store deleted objects
  • Search: Manage the deleted Object Index
  • Search: New API for list of deleted Objects


Bug Fixes

  • Views API performance fixes
  • Permission denied message is seen when user updates the assigned ToDo
  • Coordinate system transformations not working for data sent to TerraFlex
  • Unable to move files to folder and then upload files
  • Assim optimization document converter issue fixes
  • Unable to add Tags after changing the Language Preference in Profile page
  • Map panels(Data/Filter/ToDo) is not resizing properly
  • Convert layer to template wizard - The label 'Sample data' should be top aligned
  • Few Check in/out scenarios are failing in search results
  • NullPointerException when querying FetchObjects API if projectId is null
  • Projects created by excluded user when enforcement flag is OFF appear with Lock icon once flag is turned ON
  • Migrated tasks fails to download in TerraFlex app
  • Migrated RTC with Internet/Serial port doesn't display datum
  • TerraFlex app fails to retrieve few migrated projects
  • Migrated polygon shaped locations are displayed in rectangular shape(with extra non-selected area) after migration
  • Migrated template displays the value for Required accuracy incorrectly
  • Browser goes to unresponsive mode when positioning is clicked after redirection
  • Remove map dialogue stays active even after remove operation is performed
  • TerraFlex app -Sync is failing to send collected forms