Changing/Replacing the Trimble Catalyst DA1 Micro USB Cable

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If the Micro USB to type B cable becomes physically damaged, it may need replacing.  This is a procedure that can be done simply with the aid of a screwdriver and a replacement cable


Step 1 - Remove the plastic yellow pole cap

You will first need to remove the plastic yellow pole cap to remove the USB cable.

It can be challenging to remove the pole cap when it is not affixed to the antenna housing, so it is recommended to screw the DA1 onto a pole and manoeuvre off the antenna, leaving the pole cap affixed to the pole.

Once the pole cap has been removed, the DA1 should look like this:

Step 2 - Remove the metal bolt

Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the metal bolt from the centre of the black rubber pole mount.

Once removed, remove both the bolt and the washer from the DA1:

Step 4 - Remove the black rubber pole mount

Once the bolt and washer are removed, remove the black rubber pole mount.

This can be achieved with your hands and some gentle effort.

The USB cable will most likely remain plugged into the unit:

Step 5 - Remove the cable from the rubber pole mount

Unplug the cable from the antenna and slide out of the large slot of the rubber pole mount.

It should now be completely separate from the rubber pole mount, with both items detached from the antenna:

Step 6 - Install the replacement cable

Slide the replacement micro USB cable back through the large slot in the rubber pole mount and then plug it back into the micro USB slot on the antenna:


Step 7 - Install the rubber mount, the metal washer and the metal bolt

Slide the rubber mount back down the cable to put it in place so that the cable is lined up and not bent. Be very careful to make sure the cable remains connected to the micro USB port when replacing the rubber pole mount - the DA1 will not be connected to your device if the cable does not fit to the connecting port.
With a Phillips screwdriver, reinstall the metal washer with the metal bolt in the same fashion prior to removal.



Step 8 - Reinstall yellow pole cap (optional) and test connection
If desired, replace the yellow pole cap for mounting on any pole with a ⅝” thread. Test the connection by running Trimble Mobile Manager/ Trimble Terraflex or your Trimble Catalyst enabled application