Sync 2.44.32 Release Notes - Aug 1 2017

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Please install Sync 2.44.32 version from here.


New Features

  • Interactive sync functionality: Preview the changes in your project when manually syncing data to your machine (BETA FEATURE)

  • ProcessSync algorithm optimization for faster syncing


  • Authentication session timeout handling for windows
  • Send header additional variable to identify client type
  • Handle move and rename cases with partial selective sync
  • Replace Support Related Links in Web App
  • Apply Sync preview filter selection for syncing action


Bug Fixes

  • Moved file is returning original ID and not new
  • Running Sync Causes process.json to Return Data for All Project Instead of Sync Objects
  • Sync Notification considers folder activity also as file activity
  •  "Stay sign in" is not working if the tool is idle for more than 8 hours
  • Notification email on Sync error message
  • Upload permissions error for Download only schedule
  • Excluded files are shown a wrong path in activity
  • Unselect-All option does not unselect sub level enitities
  • Ongoing sync is stopped if we refresh the sync tool from system tray
  • Double clicking on grayed out file gives technical glitch error
  • Handle UI lag in saving path when network drive is mapped
  • Status for a schedule is not shown properly after sync is completed for the selected files
  • Application crashes while opening interactive sync window (Windows & Mac)
  • Fix interactive sync issues caused by processed list generation
  • Unable to copy the folder location with Ctrl + C
  • File download failure after the internet connect re-established
  • Items missed on interactive sync preview
  • 3rd level folder is not syncing / showing in interactive preview
  • The note in specify data location should be visible always
  • Deleted sync root error message is not thrown + Fix for restore bugs
  • Folders created incorrectly by filename
  • Locally updated folder contents show up separately in sync preview when parent was modified
  • Locally updated file shows up separately in sync preview when parent was modified
  • Disable 'Folder Path Settings Feature'
  • Sync root deleted error alert overrides project deleted error alert
  • Files Being Deleted When They Shouldn't
  • Sync tool hangs and schedule not executed