Web 2.59 and 2.60 Release Notes - Nov 6 2017

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New Features

  • Team page: UX Improvements to manage groups and filters


  • Release Page: Layout UX improvements with filters panel, release listing and release files




  • Share Data: Display share icon in unsupported file viewer

  • Breadcrumbs: Display in unsupported file viewer

  • User is able to add/remove tag for Read Only and Release Read folders
  • Simplify file - drag helper
  • Harmonize settings: Support "ft-in" conversion on 3d viewer
  • ToDo Preview images slow to load when many views attached
  • Improve the UI/UX of the Model tab browsing experience
  • Performance improvements - GET File Details Api
  • Performance improvements - GET Versions of file Api
  • Redirect to share URL after compliance
  • CSS Clean up


Bug Fixes

  • Model tree does not show hidden state of objects
  • ToDo User can change the tag value which is not assigned to him
  • User invite does not work if search server not available - Error message update
  • BUG : Updated mails are coming to user who has restricted himself from getting these mails.
  • File.thumbnailUrl does not match when query same file by id and in ObjectSync response
  • Object Linking - removing an association from one element on the right panel, also removes from other elements
  • Object Linking : Storage limit exceeded error message is not seen while attaching new files
  • ToDo: Permission Issues when user updates implicit view attached to a ToDo (3D view)
  • Instant Email for Deleted View/ Deleted Clash Activity : Has the wrong projectId in the url
  • ToDo assignment mails are not coming from 3D viewer
  • Add users to group API : Admin's user info is seen in the response instead of added users
  • Breadcrumbs are not working in 2D & 3D viewer when file is opened from views, ToDo page
  • Breadcrumbs : Wrong Folder path is displayed when folder is moved/renamed
  • Range requests support for presentation file format
  • Major bugs related to features and layers
  • Inviting Brand new user with excluded company domain is throwing Internal error
  • Objectsync API deletedBy field is returning wrong user
  • Folder Patch API returns wrong user
  • Multipart file upload - If match and upload Id validation issues
  • Not receiving comments in ObjectSync