Adding a Micro USB extension cable for the Catalyst DA1 antenna

Document created by Tom Harrison on Nov 27, 2017
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There may be applications where the existing 1.2m Catalyst Micro USB connector cable (PN 109988-12), just isn't long enough.


What are you options?


In this situation you might want to consider using a Micro USB extension cable to extend the range to something more suitable for your needs. 

There are many vendors out there supplying high quality USB extension cables, L-Com are an example that we have used internally to give you an idea. 

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee performance when using 3rd party adaptors or equipment

Before purchasing an extension cable you should consider the following:

  1. The extension cable needs to have a Male - Female type B Micros USB connection to fit the Catalyst solution
  2. Longer (and poor quality) cables may introduce signal loss or otherwise degraded performance so this is something to be aware of and factor in to your choice.
  3. Check the connector over-moulding fits your smart device. If you are using a protective case for example, and the over moulding is too bulky (or at least bulkier than the Catalyst Micros USB connector), this might not fit your device.

  4. The extension cable must have all 5 connector positions otherwise this will not work with Catalyst. This detail is usually specified in the product information, If it is not clear then look out for OTG support, this is what the 5th pin is used for.