Hololens v1.0 Release Notes - Jan 25 2018

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Trimble Connect for Hololens v1.0 app can be downloaded from Microsoft Store on your Hololens device.


New Features


  • User will be able to login to the  app by scanning the QR code generated from Trimble Connect Mobile, or by manually typing in the username and password
    • Manual Login:

    • QR code:



  • User can access the project server location, change the settings,Contact support and About section


Project browser

  • All the projects the user belongs to are listed in the project browser
  • User can perform Project Search,Sort,Filter



Data browser

  • All the files and folders of the project are listed
  • User can perform Data Search,Sort,Filter


  • Model file Selection and launch
    • User can select one or more model files and perform download/launch




ToDo browser

  • All the todos present in the project are listed
  • User can perform ToDo Search,Sort,Filter
  • User can Add new ToDo
  • User can Edit Existing ToDo
  • ToDo Detail screen
    • From the todo detail screen, user can add attachment to the todo
      • Add Files as attachments
      • Add Views as attachments
  • User can perform ToDo Delete




Comments browser

  • All the comments present in the project are listed
  • User can Add new comments
  • User can Edit existing Comments
  • User can Delete Comments


View browser

  • All the views are listed in this browser. Only views that are created by the logged in user and views that have been shared with the logged in user are listed
  • User can launch a View
  • User can delete a View



Model viewer

  • User can select and launch one or more models onto the viewer
  • User can launch a View onto the viewer

Model viewer Context menu

  • Gestures allowed:
    • By air-tapping on the model, we get the context menu
    • Rotate Gizmo
      • Airtap and rotate left
      • Airtap and rotate right
  • User can move, rotate, scale and align the model.
  • User can ‘jump to location’ and create ‘measurement’ using the tools in context menu.
  • User can view the model in an immersive mode and navigate around the model using gestures
  • User can enter into collaboration mode.
  • User can view the Properties of an object





Keyboard shortcuts

Translate and Rotate Models in Scene

  • For Translate:
    • X Axis - KEYS ( A, D ) & LEFT, RIGHT Arrow Keys
    • Y Axis - KEYS ( W, S ) & UP, DOWN Arrow Keys
    • Z Axis - KEYS ( Q, E )
  • For Rotation
    • X Axis - KEYS ( J , L )
    • Y Axis - KEYS ( I , K )
    • Z Axis - KEYS ( U , O )

NOTE : SHIFT + ABOVE KEYS will have smoother Translation and Rotation

  • Hamburger menu to turn ON/OFF model visibility
    • User can turn ON/OFF the model visibility by clicking the “eye” icon


Pivot Alignment

  • User can Rotate/Pan the model in immersive mode with high precision by using the Pivot Alignment option.
  • User interface has been enhanced.


Premium features

  • Remote Collaboration and Quick Alignment are premium features
  • User is thrown with an alert when he tries to access these without a valid premium license

Remote Collaboration

  • Users can collaborate remotely with this feature
  • Voice relay
    • Users will be able to hear the voices of the other participants
  • Avatar
    • Users will be able to see the Avatar of other participants in the Remote session
  • Presenter mode
    • User can place a model which gets shared with all the attendees
    • User can provide access to attendee requesting Presenter access
    • User can perform gestures with the model in tabletop mode and Immersive mode and navigate around the model
    • User can exit the meeting
    • User can grant access to an attendee to become the presenter
  • Attendee
    • Ability to view the model placed by the presenter and also gestures performed by the presenter
    • User can request presenter access
    • User can exit the meeting
  • Presenter workflow captured below:


  • Attendee workflow captured below:



RC menu in model viewer:

Model Alignment

Plane Alignment

  • User can Align the digital model with the real world using the Plane alignment option
    • Plane alignment can be achieved when in immersive mode
    • Immersive mode can accessed by launching a model / view

App general

  • Browser Scale option
    • User can re-size the browser
  • Browser Pin
    • User can pin the browser at the desired location
  • Exit application