Web 2.67 and 2.68 Release Notes - Mar 22 2018

Document created by karthik_rajagopal@trimble.com on Mar 22, 2018
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This is a release focused on improvements and bug fixes only.



  • Tag search optimization
  • Project listing performance optimization
  • Server and DB performance optimization (Continued)
  • Performance improvements - DELETE file Api
  • UI - Apply flex box - Team list view and Search result
  • Excel Import with non English characters in filename
  • Users list Public API - option to exclude remove users to be introduced
  • Improve rendering of measure with pick.
  • Add view group support to Object Sync API
  • ToDo list for Japanese Translation fix
  • Enhance responsiveness in the Connect application
  • UI - Align the file tile layout with the tiles defined in the team page and project list - Styling
  • Fix "HTTP Status 400 - Bad Request" error when email address of users is changed


Bug Fixes

  • Error processing an IFC file with more than 800mb
  • Thumbnails stream returns data when it shouldn't
  • Wrong thumbnailUrl in response on file upload
  • Team import fails with "error performing isolating work"
  • Saved Markups not visible on View/ToDo
  • [Share Data] Download All does not download the files from email when there are more than one file shared
  • [3D VIEWER] IFC file assimilation error
  • ToDo Bulk Edit takes very long time when updating Tag
  • For free and excluded projects, the billing account in settings page is not shown properly.
  • Setting alignment for latest file version changes alignment for previous version
  • View group isn't shared correctly for same user on different machines.
  • Multipart upload disregards "Require file checkout before being able to upload files" option
  • Tags which are added are not saved to objects consistently. ES Tag Index performance Improment
  • Excel file fails processing
  • Public API thumbnail URL is required for View(Both 2d and 3d) and ToDo attachments in object sync response
  • Large (more than 1 MB) 2D file (xlsx) is not getting processed
  • Apply filter on tag search
  • Views(within view group) that are shared are not listed inside view groups
  • Attachments added to BIM objects in TCD are not displayed in TCWEB
  • Exception handling during Bulk indexing
  • [PROJECT] Old project users receive email updates for new project template
  • Issues are observed when adding another version of renamed checked-out file
  • [Project Specific] "This folder is empty" is shown even if there are folders in the project
  • File isn't shown in the folder of project
  • Get File Details private api causing too many transactions when the files has many versions
  • Projects List is non transactional causing too many transactions
  • "Object not found" error is thrown when new version of checked out file is uploaded after renaming/ moving to another location
  • Object links created in Web are missing type property in the source
  • [Team] Group count is not getting refreshed.
  • line spacing and alignment in update message is odd on different screen sizes.
  • ToDo : 2 implicit views are attached when clashitems of same file are added to same ToDo twice
  • Model tree elements on left panel do not get highlighted on selection
  • [Team] Folder icon is seen in when selecting multiple users.
  • [Team] Selecting tile view the user are not listed in the Team page.
  • Tags which are added are not saved to objects consistently