Getting Started #1 - Creating a project in Connect

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Getting Started #1 - Creating a project in Connect

This documents describes how to create a project in Trimble Connect, and how TerraFlex users can use Connect projects to structure their data collection projects. This document is intended for TerraFlex users who are getting started in Trimble Connect.


What is a Connect project?

When you first sign in to Connect you will land on the Projects page. Projects act as a container for all the data and files you bring in to Trimble Connect. You can also invite other users to collaborate on your Connect projects. While there is no limit on the number of Connect projects you can create, for most TerraFlex users we recommend setting up one Connect project for your company or organization and conducting all your TerraFlex work within that project.


Creating a Connect project

To create a new project in Connect:

  1. Once you have signed in to Trimble Connect, click the NewProject button in the top left of the screen
  2. After clicking on the button, you'll be prompted to enter the Project Name, Project Image, Project Location, and other optional details. 
    1. The Project Location setting controls where the data you bring in to your Connect project will be stored. We recommend choosing the location closest to you for best performance.
  3. Once you've entered this information click the Submit button


Can't see your project after it has been created? 

If you can't see your project listed after it has been created, ensure you have selected the correct Project Server Location on the left hand side of the screen



Creating multiple Connect projects

There are some scenarios in which it might make sense for a TerraFlex user to use multiple Connect projects: 

  • If your organization uses a 3rd-party or contractors to do data collection work using TerraFlex and you want to maintain strict controls on data sharing, then we recommend setting up one Connect project for your internal users, and another for your external users. While forms and templates can not be shared between projects, this set up will provide the strongest controls on data access and sharing.