Getting Started #2 - Creating TerraFlex projects

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Getting Started #2 - Creating TerraFlex projects

In the previous document we talked about how to create a Connect project and how they act as a container for all your TerraFlex work (Getting Started #1 - Creating a project in Connect). In this document we will talk about how to create individual TerraFlex projects.


What is a TerraFlex project?

Projects in TerraFlex are used to help structure and manage your data collection work. Templates you create and forms you collect will be contained within a TerraFlex project, and you can assign different TerraFlex projects to your field crews to work on. 


Creating a TerraFlex project:

A project in TerraFlex is based on a Map Workspace in Connect. Each Map Workspace in your Connect project will appear in TerraFlex as a TerraFlex project. To create a new map workspace:

  1. Once you have opened your Connect project, click the WorkspaceAddButton button
  2. From the drop-down menu select Map Workspace
  3. This will launch the Connect Map Viewer in a new browser tab where you can enter the Map Workspace Name and Description
  4. Once you have entered a name and description click the Save button
  5. You can now create templates and import layers for use in your TerraFlex project


N.B. If a new browser tab doesn't open when you click the Map Workspace button, check your browser is not automatically blocking pop ups


Map Workspace files in Connect:

When you create a new map workspace, a file with the same name will be automatically created inside your Connect project. Map workspace files can be identified by the file extension .tmap

When you click on a map workspace file in Connect it will automatically launch the Connect Map Viewer and load the layers and data within your map workspace. You can bookmark individual map workspace's to make it easier to access your TerraFlex projects