Mobile v2.3.1 Release Notes - April 11 2018

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Trimble Connect Mobile v2.3.1 


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New Features

  • Unit Settings
    • Support for Imperial unit system - User can set the unit system as Imperial decimal or fractional. Distance, Area, Volume, Weight, Measurement distance are  based on the unit settings which can be set by the user.



    • Object properties supporting unit system - User can see the values in object properties that are converted to unit values set by them.


    • Measurement supporting unit system - User can see the measurement values converted to unit values set by them.
    • User can save the changes in the unit settings locally until there is a change made through other clients. User can have different set of unit settings for each project.   
  • Version support for views
    • When the user launches any view, they can see the correct version of the model from which the view has been created, though the latest version is listed in the files tab.
  • Camera alignment for redlining markup
    • On tapping any redlining markup, camera is aligned exactly to the same location from which the markup has been created.


  • UX improvement
    • The size of the hamburger menu view is customized based on whether the device is phone or tab.
  • ToDo Attachments Workflow Improvements
    • Alert shown to user before removing attachment from ToDo. 
    • New items attached are shown on top of list during time of attachment and eventually on opening ToDO sorted according to last modified time of attached items.

Bug Fixes

  • View Parity - Common type filter object states for ifc types are applied properly on opening view.
  • View Parity - Arrowhead direction is opposite in TCM.
  • Crash on performing any action in model viewer, after keeping it in idle state, and some clip plane related action has been already performed
  • For large models, App does not Respond while Clicking 'Back' from Layers->Models tab. Eg: on loading concrete.ifc
  • Erase all user data
  • Insights Crash fixed - Item with the same key is already present
  • Crash observed on clicking a Project, with a particular unsupported language setting (ex: Thai / Arabic)
  • Sync takes too much time. Lazy loading of files instead of loading all files
  • View created with hidden objects is rendered incorrectly
  • Personalize views visibility. At this moment all the views which are made in the project are visible for everyone. Like in web en desktop only the views who are made by a person or are assigned to a person must be visible.
  • Crash on performing any action in model viewer, after keeping it in idle state, and some clip plane related action has been already performed
  • View created with different object states is rendered incorrectly
  • Hide '_Attachements folder' in mobile and desktop
  • [3D Viewer] File viewable in TCW, TCD but not TCM
  • Application is getting crashed,when user try to login with external browser
  • Localisation is not working in iOS11
  • Alert thrown is incorrect, and the project access is not revoked, when the license is revoked
  • Project status is not updated after revoking or assigning licenses
  • Project is not accessible, when a license is assigned to the project creator, after refreshing the project list
  • Crash observed on creating measurements
  • New projects on Webapp doesn't show on mobile app
  • Application got crashed, when user perform clear cache after performing pull to refresh
  • "No network alert "is shown, when token is not expired(Offline scenario)
  • Application got crashed, when user try to select any project
  • Alert to be thrown to the user when he tries to generate QR when offline
  •  View Camera viewAngle property in web and desktop is treated as degrees but in mobile it’s treated as radians
  • The application got crashed, when user tries to perform clear cache
  • Application got crashed, When user tries to perform dashboard delete
  • The Application got crashed when the user tries to delete group and contents
  • App crashed on viewing image file through "quick view"