Getting Started #3 - Navigating the Map Viewer

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Getting Started #3 - Navigating the Map Viewer

In the previous document we talked about how to use a map workspace in Connect to create a TerraFlex project (Getting Started #2 - Creating TerraFlex projects). The Connect Map Viewer is the central place for managing and viewing the data collected within your TerraFlex projects. In this document we will cover how to navigate the different functions within the map viewer


The Data List

On the left hand side of the map viewer screen is the Data list. This shows all the different layers that are contained within your map workspace EmptyList

When you first create a map workspace the Data list will be empty. To add a layer click the Add button at the bottom of the Data list. This will provide a range of different options for adding layers to your map workspace:





Once you have added a template or layer it will be shown in the Data listLayerlist

  • The VisibToggle icon lets you toggle visibility of the layer in the map
  • The EditTemplate icon indicates there is a template associated with the layer. Clicking the icon will launch the template editor


Layers in the Data list also have additional actions when you right click on them:

  • Zoom to Layer - zoom the map to show all data in the layer
  • Edit Layer - edit the layer name and colour
  • Duplicate Template <add link>
  • Edit Template <add link>
  • Lock Layer <add link>
  • Remove Layer - remove the layer and template from the workspace


Top Toolbar



The selection tools provide different ways to select forms on the map.

  • The Arrow lets you select a single form
  • The Rectangle lets you draw a box around forms you want to select
  • The Polygon lets you draw a free-form polygon around forms you want to select



The ToDo icon opens the panel for creating Tasks in TerraFlex. This topic is covered more in <add link>



The Export icon opens the panel for exporting forms from the map viewer. This topic is covered more in <add link>