Web 2.69 Release Notes - Apr 24 2018

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  • Views performance improvements
  • Performance improvements - Get File versions API
  • Performance improvements - Delete file API
  • Team page performance improvements for large teams
  • Compact json structure
  • Avoid additional search count call
  • ToDo : Remove unwanted and duplicate calls in the ToDo page
  • Add Files to Release - List Releases api is called in Create release tab
  • 2D viewer : remove duplicate and unwanted calls
  • 3D viewer : remove the duplicate and unwanted calls in the 3D viewer
  • View performance: Improve view loading performance by remove duplicate call
  • Data - Upload File component - Migration of private api to public api
  • Performance Optimization - Part 1(HTML & Images)
  • Performance Optimization - Part 2(CSS)
  • Server VM memory & GC tuning


Bug Fixes

  • Listing View in 3D viewer left panel takes longer time than earlier
  • [2D-3DVIEWER] DWG files assimilation error
  • [Project Template] Group isn't showing in auto suggest after deriving the project from existing
  • Imported project with folder permissions is not accessible
  • Comment added email received even if the user isn't part of it
  • Incorrect folder path for the deleted folders and a new folder created with same name
  • Attached views while creating ToDo using TCD aren't showing on TCW
  • Permissions assigned to group are not applicable on its member users if they joined the project at a later time
  • Attachments added to BIM objects in TCD are not displayed in TCWEB
  • [Team] Project Access request message is seen when adding the Free user to a group in a Business project.
  • [ASSIMILATION] SketchUp file is not assimilated
  • File patch/restore causes newly created views not be listed in left panel
  • File isn't shown in the folder of project
  • View private API performs slow if project members are more in number
  • POST /views/multiparts with huge payload of redlines markups fails with 500
  • View update is not working when added markups are deleted
  • Existing files shown only when new folder is created & disappear when new folder is deleted
  • Views : Selection of view and adding new markups, clears existing markups
  • Get Children API slowness is observed when the application server was running for more than 1 day
  • Unit settings display precision doesn't work properly
  • Total count in response range of list releases public api is displayed incorrectly
  • ApiKey.list calls seen many times in getchildren/items API causing more response time in PROD
  • Permission denied error when user tries to add a clash item to ToDo
  • Server does not respond correctly to list folder items range requests
  • Http status 400 - Bad Request
  • [project settings] Viewer background color cannot be saved when the "markups and measurements" checkbox is unchecked
  • Public API : userId in createdBy and modifiedBy is not encrypted in the response of invite user API
  • Hidden/Visible state of object from one view persists on other after selection is changed
  • Error notification is not translated when map file and other file is selected to view.
  • Permission denied message is not displayed while adding a clash item to a ToDo created by other user
  • "Shared with me" Views are not shown if views created by me for same model is more than 3.
  • Getting 'OBJECT_NOT_FOUND' when we apply tag on files and folders
  • [Public links] User icon, help,apps buttons are not seen in share revoke page.
  • When no access 3D file is shared to user in release, the revision number is not shown properly