Hololens v1.1 Release Notes - Apr 23 2018

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New Features

Measurements in 3D Model Viewer (Premium Feature)

  • There are now three measurement modes available to a user through the ‘+’ button on the model viewer context menu.
    • Virtual surface to Virtual surface (model measurement)
    • Real surface to Real surface (mesh measurement)
    • Real surface to Virtual surface (mesh to model measurement)

Virtual to Virtual Measurement

  • Users can measure between two points on the virtual holographic model. The gaze cursor will automatically snap to vertices in the model. Tap to start the measurement and tap again to complete it.

Real surface to Real surface

  • Users can create measurements on a real world surface in two ways:
    • Orthogonal measurements between a plane and a point
    • Measurement between two points

Orthogonal measurements

  • Users can measure the perpendicular distance between a plane and a point. First select the plane and then pick the corresponding point opposite it.

Measurement between two points

  • Users can “free measure” between two points in the real world without any restriction to a certain axis.

Real to Virtual

  • Users can measure between a point in the real world and a point on the virtual model
    • This tool will first instruct the user to scan their environment to ensure a high-quality mesh. The user will then select the point in the real world, followed by the point on the virtual model.
    • This mode is enabled only when the model is in an immersive 1:1 scale


App update notification

  • Users will henceforth be notified when an app update is available.


Model Viewer - Context Menu - Auto Hide

  • The model viewer context menu will automatically render itself into a minimized state when not in use for more than 2 seconds.
    • The menu will expand to its original state when once again gazed upon by the user.
    • The menu will not minimize when it has been pinned to a surface.

Pivot-Based Alignment

  • The workflow, user interface, and ease-of-use of the pivot-based alignment tool have been improved.



Plane-Based Alignment

  • The workflow, user interface, and ease-of-use of the plane-based alignment feature have been improved.


  • Cautionary splash-screen has been added upon launch of the app.

  • Alert message is now shown when the QR scan fails. This failure is generally due to no internet connection on the HoloLens or an expired QR code on the mobile device.

  • Application start splash screen has been updated.


Bug fixes

  • Application sometimes gets stuck when anchoring models
  • Model download fails for certain models forcing app restart
  • Hyperlink fixes in the ‘About’ section
  • ToDo - "Tap to Enter" text is not shown for "Type" when the user is the assignee of a ToDo
  • Todo - "Tap to enter " label is not shown for “Type” for an existing ToDo that does not have a type
  • Project browser - Project browser search results display lock images in UI when there are locked projects
  • Menu in a remote collaboration session sometimes deforms when a user performs a particular sequence of actions
  • Open source attribute in “About” page has been updated