02 Setting Up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

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Installing IronPython

  1. Download the latest version of IronPython from http://ironpython.NET/download/.

  2. Run the MSI file to start the installation wizard. Accept the default settings to install IronPython.

Installing Visual Studio Community

  1. Download the latest version of Visual Studio Community from https://www.visualstudio.com/free-developer-offers/.

  2. Run the EXE file.

  3. On the Workloads screen, select these options:

    • .NET desktop development
    • Python development 

      For each, you can uncheck the other optional packages on the right side under Summary.
  1. Leave the default Location as is, and Click Install.

  2. Once installed, close the installer and Visual Studio.

  3. Download and extract the Macro SDK program from The specified item was not found. (control+click this link).
  4. Run the MSI.
    Note: In the unlikely event that you have problems with IronPython 2.78, download and run the IronPython2.78 fix.reg file

    from the TrimbleBusiness Center Macros and Extensions forum.

Starting a Project in Visual Studio

Create a Python project that can take advantage of Intellisense (intelligent code completion). Intellisense is "Intelligent code completion, a context-aware code completion feature in some programming environments that speeds up the process of coding applications by reducing typos and other common mistakes."

Note: At this time, Python Intellisense only works for x86/32-bit apps/version of Trimble Business Center.

  1. Launch Visual Studio.
  2. If prompted, sign in with your MSDN or Microsoft account, or select Not now. If needed, select General for Development Settings and Start Visual Studio.
  3. Select File > New  > Project.

  4. Select Python > TbcMacros.

  5. Enter a project name.

  6. For the Location, browse to C:\ProgramData\Trimble\MacroCommands, and click Select Folder.

  7. Click OK.

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