ESRI Collector: Receiver not found..

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Problem Summary

You open a Map in Collector and see the following error

Receiver not found: Your current receiver Catalyst was not found. Ensure your receiver is powered on



The Catalyst antenna is already connected in the Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) application (or another Catalyst ready application).

You can only have 1 Catalyst enabled application directly connecting to the Catalyst service at any one time.
This could be Trimble Mobile Manager, ESRI Collector, Terraflex, Penmap or another application developed using the Catalyst TPSDK.

For the full list of Catalyst ready applications from Trimble and our partners take a look here


The error message in this case simply means that ESRI Collector cannot connect to the Catalyst service because the connection is already in use by another application



  1. Select OK to the Receiver not found message prompt In Collector
  2. Close out of the current map and revert to the Collector map gallery page
  3. Open TMM (or your other Catalyst enabled application) and disconnect Catalyst using the slider bar
  4. Reopen Collector and open your map, this will successfully reconnect to the Catalyst service


For more help with this topic, please follow the instructions documented In Configuring Catalyst in ESRI Collector and the ESRI Collector Quick reference