Trimble Connect Mobile - v2.5 Release Notes

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Hi All,

Trimble Connect Mobile v2.5 is published to Google Play and Apple iOS app stores and includes the changes listed below.

New Features

  1. Team List Tab


  • On opening a project, the fourth tab is changed to “Team Page” which displays list of groups and team members. Now its possible to invite new members into project using “Add” button.
  • Team member thumbnails are fetched during sync and updated in team list page.

  • On tapping any team member, team member details page will be shown with following details and functionalities:
    • Name
    • User Thumbnail
    • Job Title
    • Role - team member’s role can be changed only by Admin
    • Email
    • Skype
    • LinkedIn
    • Groups list - list of user groups in which current team member is present.
    • Option to remove user from project - this option is provided only for Admin



  • On tapping any group, group details page will be displayed with following information:
    • Name of group
    • Number of team members inside that group
    • List of team members who are part of that group


  • User Invite

  • On tapping add icon from “Team” tab inside project, user invite page will be shown with options to enter emails, group and role for new member to be invited.
  • For logged in user, with role of admin, will have option to invite new member as admin/user and also invite to user group.
  • For logged in user, with role of non-admin, will have option to only invite new member with role as user and not have option to invite to group.

  • On tapping email field, email list page will be shown in which user can type in email of new members to be added and tap on “Add” button.
  • User can enter multiple email Ids & add it to list of emails and on tapping tick button, all email ids will be displayed in email field in user invite page.

  • On tapping group field, group list page will be shown from which user can select any group and entered email ids will be invited to group on tapping invite.

  • After inviting, success toast will be displayed and newly added members can be seen in team list tab after subsequent auto-refresh.
  • Note: This feature works only when internet connection is available and when connection is lost in between, alert will be thrown to check internet connection and user can opt to continue working on offline by exiting from invite workflow.

  • Bottom Bar and Left Dragger UX Changes
    On entering into project, the icons in bottom bar are displayed along with tab’s name.

  • On entering project and opening left dragger, “Project Settings” option is added which takes to Project Settings page. “Unit settings” option moved inside project settings page.
  • Current logged in user thumbnail is shown in left dragger and refreshed during every project sync.

  • On entering Project Settings page, following operations can be performed:
    • Units - opens unit settings page.
    • Clear local data - clears the local content downloaded along with metadata for project.



  • Support for crash reporting using AppCenter SDK

  • Crash reporting enabled through AppCenter SDK to collect and analyze crashes that happens in application.


  • Data Loading Time improved in Files and Folders tab

  • The time taken to load data was quite noticeable in earlier version(v2.4) for Android devices (compared to iOS devices). That delay is lowered in the new version (v2.5).
  • The thumbnails are now downloaded when the user is viewing that item instead of downloading all at a time which also contributed the delay.


  • ToDos tab switching slowness addressed

  • The “Todos” tab switching experience is also improved by moving the local data fetching logic from foreground thread to background thread.


  • ViewGroup and Views Deletion Access Rights for Admin

  • Admins will have greater control over users views. Admins are allowed to delete views and view groups that are created by any project users.



  • Views - Object States Correction

  • View created in other clients with different object states set will be activated properly in TCM.
  • Object states in view filters are parsed in consideration of composite states (Select + Show) and (Select + Hide).
  • View activation with colors performance improvement

  • View activation time performance improvement for Views created with colors applied for multiple objects.


  • Multiple concurrent TCM logins by same user

  • Supports multiple concurrent TCM logins by same user.


  • Android API level update

  • Android target SDK version updated from 23 to 26

Bug Fixes

Following are the list of critical bugs that have been fixed after v2.4 release.

  1. [Views] View created from TCD is shown upside down in TCM [ Impacts Volkerwessels, Bryan Bosch ]
  2. The Todo list sort by Priority order is not in order of Critical, High, Normal ,Low.
  3. The Todo list sort by Status is not in order of New, InProgress, Resolved, Blocked and Closed.
  4. The Application crashed when the user perform pull-to-refresh in views tab after creating few views in other clients.
  5. Sometimes "Trimble connect isn't responding" alert is shown when user is entering into a project with large number of Files, Folders, ToDos, Views and ViewGroups.
  6. Sometimes, the app crashes due to “database locked exception” when the user entered into a project.
  7. Sometimes, the app crashes when the user is in attachment screen and the sync is in progress in background.
  8. View created by searching the particular object in a 3D-model in TCM is not getting displayed properly in other clients
  9. View created by “Hide-rest” the particular object in a 3D-model in TCM is not getting displayed properly in other clients
  10. File count mismatch issue in attach document page, when the user selects attachment and did not attach it.
  11. File list appears empty for few seconds when user switches tab after first time loading got completed.
  12. File list appears empty for few seconds when the user entered into the project.
  13. View created with top camera position is getting displayed by 180 degrees inverted.
  14. View created by admin is getting displayed in user view list after changing the logged in user role from admin to user.
  15. Removed user details are getting displayed in “AssignedTo” field of view.


Known Issues (Shall be fixed in the next phase)

  • Occasionally, on loading large model files onto the 3D viewer, application crashes (or) gets into a not responding state, due to memory constraints
  • Size of measurement value might look bigger in tablet devices.
  • Models with a large number of objects might not be rendered properly while performing Pan/Zoom operations in the model viewer.
  • There might be parity issues with respect to View visualisation across clients for features related to Orthographic projection, Global transparency and Hierarchical objects.
  • Occasionally, measurement with 0.0m value gets created when the user taps on the model when in measurement mode.
  • Sometimes, it takes longer time to fetch and display the views in the Views list screen.
  • Model alignment values set from other clients, are not properly reflected  in TCM.
  • Slowness is observed while displaying the “Statuses” option in the right dragger of the model viewer screen.
  • Crash is observed on trying to login into TCM with chrome set as the default browser, in devices with Android version M or lower
  • Crash is observed while loading specific “.ifc” or “.skp” model files in the model viewer.
  • Slowness is observed when syncing “last modified date” and the “size of folder” in the data list screen.
  • It takes longer time for progress bar to complete, in case of a long list of projects.
  • Occasionally, an empty thumbnail is displayed for “Todo” attachments.
  • Occasionally, it takes a longer time for the project contents to be displayed after clearing “Local cache contents”.
  • Occasionally, slowness is observed when switching between tabs (Data /Todo /View /Team).
  • The top view of the model is 180 degrees inverted when the user updates that view.
  • UI is not updated properly (in the right dragger), when the user resets the camera when in Orthographic mode
  • User group’s list is not displayed, when the user gets into a project for the very first time
  • View updated by deselecting/unhiding all the objects is not updated properly.
  • Sometimes deleted folders are getting displayed in data list screen until sync gets completed.

Known Limitations

  • Offline Logout - User cannot log out in offline mode since the browser cannot be launched without an internet connection.
  • View parity issues:
    • Layers states, Color and Transparency
  • While downloading files, the sizes for model files are fetched from the ‘Files’ collection, which may/may not be the final size for the assimilated ‘f3d’ file.
    • During the assimilation process at the backend, the file conversion results in the change in the file size manifold
    • Hence while downloading model files, the size required for storing it in the device storage, will not be appropriate.
  • UI in tablets is shown in compatible mode.
  • Crash is observed by hiding all layer of Green Dunes model, in Moto G2.
  • layer list inconsistencies on creating or showing view shared across platforms
  • Sometimes Empty thumbnail is shown for incomplete assimilation file.
  • Slowness observed while applying layer color and transparency.



Trimble Connect Team