Trimble RealWorks 11.1 Release Notes

Document created by Steven Witte on Feb 28, 2019
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Please have a look into Trimble RealWorks version 11.1 Release Notes.


Resolved Issues
Send to AutoCAD: now compatible with ACAD 2019 (R23.0)
OS: Windows Server 2016 now supported
Publish: fixed issue when some TZF scans had names containing non-ASCII characters
Publish: now supports network drive paths
Published projects: fixed crash when extracting large amounts of points to LAS file
PTS Export: corrected transform issue when exporting in custom UCS
RCP Export: corrected transform issue when exporting in custom UCS
FBX Export: corrected unit and frame issue
JOB/JXL Import: fixed import issue with job file with no scan points
TZF Scan Processing: fixed crash with very thin sector TZF scans
TSF Scan Processing: fixed robustness issue when handling corrupted scans (introduced in 11.0)
Station marker list: fixed random crash when the list is open
Tank Setup: fixed crash when doing Classify in specific cases (no bottom)
Auto-Classify Outdoor: fixed cases where classification failed
Segmentation: fixed issues when using the limit box
Feature Set: some feature code libraries could not be imported
Feature Set: corrected behavior when moving/editing a node
Orientation: Pick Origin led to locked navigation issues
Limit box extraction from TZF scans: fixed point cloud loading issue
View Only This: improved display performance (visible on large datasets)
Point cloud display: fixed some situations with low point cloud loading
Point cloud display: scans very far sometimes disappeared
Point cloud display: some parts disappeared when rotating view in station-based mode
Point cloud display: improved framerate on GeForce graphics cards
Station-based mode: several display issues fixed related to images, clouds and inspection clouds
Mesh display: meshes now rendered the same way in and out of Mesh Editing tool
Import and Register: edit fields now follow decimal place option defined in preferences
Limit box: rotation manipulator sphere was not always transparent


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