New Penmap for Windows version

Document created by Cornelia Schmitz on Apr 22, 2020Last modified by Cornelia Schmitz on Apr 30, 2020
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We have released a new Penmap for Windows version today. 

The version includes the following enhancements:

New features

  • Global coordinate of the cursor position is now shown in the lower right corner.
  • Old nodes are shown in black; new and changed ones in blue.
  • Edit | GIS Polygon supports selection of multiple polygons, for example, to create three independent buildings in one step with identical GIS.
  • Edit | Split line now works with a segment selection instead of start and end points.
  • Support real-time message format CMRx for base station.
  • New keep attributes check box in GIS dialog to take over the current attributes to a new one
  • New toggle button (on / off) for GNSS cursor and total station position maker next to the antenna height icon.
  • Enable/disable layer in the Layer manager shows/hides labels in the map.
  • Support of “conditional fields” for GIS attributes, for example, filter an attribute field with another.
  • Penmap for Windows now supports the Spectra Geospatial SP60 and SP85 receivers.


  • Diagnostic files are stored in the new subfolder: MyPenmap\LogFiles.
  • Edit | GIS linear has a new Undo function.
  • Enhanced the feature selection toggle with 1 of n features.
  • Coordinate systems and grid files updated to coordinate system database version 89.
  • Query nodes: copies the value from decimal fields without the unit chars "m",...
  • Base Rover workflow – save base and rover settings independently to simplify the workflow.
  • Setting a real-time-correction via "Radio", Penmap connects to the set receiver. Penmap queries the available channels and frequencies supported by the GNSS receiver.
  • Export | DXF/DWG exports the point number and code as text if the Export point information as text check box is enabled in the DXF/DWG export definition.
  • Import DXF/DWG to background is visible in Sidebar | Background Maps.
  • Sidebar | Edit Layers Styles Groups | Pointstyles is extended with a preview for symbol selection.
  • Stability enhancements for WMS (zoom in and out).
  • Edit | GIS Polygon is now using the last selected iFeature as the default.
  • For line features, the opportunity to toggle between “close line” and "close area" button is back.
  • VRSNow NTrip Caster for New Zealand added (