Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release Note - April 24, 2020

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There is a new version of the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer available at Version identifier for this release is: 1.0.70. This release note also covers the following releases:  

  • 1.0.57
  • 1.0.58 
  • 1.0.62
  • 1.0.64
  • 1.0.65


To load the new version to your browser, click the refresh link when the version update message is displayed.


This version update contains new features:

  • Model version support
    • The Connect 3D Viewer now informs the user when there is a new version of the model available. The message is displayed in the Models panel and in the 3D viewer space: 



  • Users can quickly load the latest model version by clicking the version notification message, or alternatively access the full version history of the model and choose to load any model version for viewing. The version history can also be accessed from the model details panel:



  • The Connect 3D Viewer can be launched to display any model version also from the Revisions panel of the File Explorer:



  • When a saved view is loaded, the 3D viewer now loads the same model version that was used when the view was created



This version update contains fixes and improvements:

  • Organizer: Unable to save grouped objects to Organizer
  • Views were not loaded properly for the created TODO object link
  • Removing object links did not work in certain cases
  • Workspace API: Disallow getting properties through getObjects API. Implement getObjectProperties API instead
  • 3D Viewer fails to load view if a revision of a file is used
  • Fixed a view parity issue with Connect for Windows and the Connect 3D Viewer
  • Object link context menu option “View in Connect” now launches the Connect 2D viewer for attached documents as expected
  • IFC date/time property values were not displaying in the content browser / data table
  • Icon grouping for updated object link is fixed
  • Object links: It was not possible to attach a newer version of the same document
  • The following issues were fixed in the 1.0.57 version:
    • Object links attached to model file in TC for Windows are not displayed in TC for browser 3D Viewer
    • New feature: Single point measurement
    • Round/circular DWG objects were displaying incorrectly
    • Content Browser did not work in Selected objects mode for some skp files
    • Documents linked to the object in the view of ToDo are missing
    • Long names caused problems with icons in the Organizer panel
    • Organizer panel - The "mouse-over" icons remain visible when moving the mouse quickly
  • The following issues were fixed in the 1.0.58 version:
    • Certain DWG drawing notations and lines were not displayed correctly
    • Having multiple clip planes prevented the model displaying from ToDos
  • The following issues were fixed in the 1.0.62 version:
    • Markups position was changed in view when view was loaded with TC Mobile app
    • Dates formatted in a certain way displayed incorrectly in the properties panel
    • Workspace API: added getColoredObjects API
    • TC mobile was showing additional views when compared to Connect 3D Viewer
    • Save to Organizer button did not refresh the Organizer panel - user had to manually click refresh
    • Workspace API: SetView API was not working
  • The following issues were fixed in the 1.0.64 version:
    • Slow opening of a 3D model: Fixes were made to model caching
    • Content Browser: some grouped items showed “Varies” as the value even if the group only had one object in it
  • The following issues were fixed in the 1.0.65 version:
    • Markups and clip planes issues on iOS and Android devices fixed
    • Workspace API: getColouredObjects API returned incorrect response
    • Firefox high memory usage issue fixed
    • Workspace API: Fixed a toolbar layout issue when some buttons were hidden
    • Workspace API: "InterfaceEntityParameter Properties" options deprecated
    • Objects linked to assemblies were not always visible



Information about other Trimble Connect 3D Viewer releases can be found from this document:

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