FAQ: Automatic machine data flow

Document created by David Kosakowski on May 24, 2020Last modified by Grant Higgins on May 25, 2020
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Please give an overview of the automatic data flow with machine data:

  • How is data is pushed to the machine
  • How are designs removed
  • What happens if a machine leaves a site


In the basic WorksManger workflow a user:

  1. Creates a project, adds a boundary, adds site config files:
    b. Assigns users, and devices to project.
    c. Publishes designs (machine control/data collectors).
    d. WorksManager pushes these designs to TCC.
    e. Operator syncs device (with TCC), and pulls in these designs (this is an existing workflow).
  2. Auto adds the device to project:
    a. When a new device enters a project geofence boundary, it gets auto-added to the project and pulls in all the project designs by default. A device can also be manually added from WorksManager.
    b. While the device gets auto-added to the project on entering the boundary, the device does not get auto removed from the project on exit, and designs are still available on the device.
  3. Deletes designs/devices from the project:
    a. When a device is removed from the project, all project designs are deleted from the device (in TCC). On the next sync, all these project designs will be removed from the device.
    b. When a design is removed from the project, this design is removed from all the devices in the project. On the next sync, this design will be removed from all the projects devices in the field