Remote Assist color codes

Document created by Vijay Raghunathan on Sep 11, 2020
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'Trimble WorksManager Remote Assist'  icon displays three color codes - Green, grey and amber


It displays

  1. Green, when remote assist is available for the device, and is ready to take off
  2. Grey, when the device is all set up for remote assist, but it happens to be offline now
  3. Amber, when the device is not setup for remote assist
    1. Earthworks: Very rare in a real machine (you can see that for an emulator, and it reads 'not registered')
    2. Siteworks: When the device is not running version v1.30 or above, that supports remote assist
    3. GCS900: When the CB4x0 device is not running GCS version v13.17 or above, or its not connected to an SNM941 running version v1.11 or above
    4. SCS900: Always amber, since remote assist is not supported at all


Note that there is a definite time lag from when the device turns on in the field, to when the WorksManager remote assist icon turns green