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How does WorksManager display the machine icons, and location on the map?

Earthworks and Siteworks systems send location/ status feed information to WorksManager from the field (location feeds happen every 30 sec, and status feeds happen every 5 m). While location feeds refer to the lat/ lon of the device, status feeds include information like asset type (dozer, excavator, grader etc.), firmware, design running etc. This is what determines the dot on the map, and icon based on asset type.


However, GCS900 (legacy devices like CB4x0) are not configured to send these feeds to WM. As a workaround, WorksManager relies on tag files from these machines. We have designed a mechanism to intercept tag files, and extract similar information and use it to display icons. While Earthworks/ Siteworks will be near real time, GCS900 will have a time lapse of 15-20 m. And even that will work only if the machine is configured to send tag files.


SCS900 devices neither send any feeds nor do we have any work around, and hence legacy data controllers will not have this smart information in WM. 


Will SCS900 emulator work with WorksManager like Siteworks? Yes, SCS900 emulator is compatible with WorksManager. You should add the device as an 'EM' model, and ‘EM’ stands for Emulator. However, you need to know what works, and what does not.

  • Publishing design to device will work. WorksManager publishes data collector designs to the emulator like any other SCS900/ Siteworks device. And the emulator can sync to TCC and pull in the designs
  • Dot on the map will not work because only Siteworks firmware has been upgraded to send location/ status info. to WorksManager
  • Remote assistance will neither work in Siteworks nor in SCS900 emulators. It works only on real devices. 


How to migrate data from one TCC org to another? The right way for migration of data from one TCC org to another is...

  • Add device to new WorksManager account -> Claim device
  • Download folder contents from older TCC org -> Clean up data as required
  • Upload that folder into the new TCC org. inside 'Project Library' (this cannot be done via WorksManager)

Note that TCC uses model-serial# for authentication, and device name for sync process. So, if the name does not change, it continues to sync with the folder of the same name, but in the new org. And if the id/ pwd is not changed, it continues to authenticate, but against the new short org.


How does data flow between an Earthworks device and TCC during the sync process? In Earthworks - TCC sync process, inside 'Project Library' folder, 

  • 'EarthworksData' syncs from the field device to TCC. It does not go from TCC to field device
  • In 'Projects' folder, 'Office Data' go from TCC to device
  • 'Field data' go from device to TCC.

The key question is whether its office data or field data. If its field data, it syncs from device to TCC. If its office data, it syncs from TCC to the field.