FAQ: Date Range filter impact on volumes

Document created by David Kosakowski on Oct 22, 2020Last modified by David Kosakowski on Oct 22, 2020
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How do the Date Range filters impact my volumes?



Date Range FIlters impact Volumes by controlling what the start and end periods are for the ‘From’ and ‘To’ surfaces. 

Preset Date Range Filters ie Today, Yesterday, Current Week, Previous Week and Project Extents work differently from Custom Date Range Filter when specified in a Volume calculation. Preset Filters will always shift to whatever the date for Today, Yesterday, Current week etc is. A Custom Date Range will always stay unchanged for the Date Range entered ie 01/07/20 to 08/11/20.

Date Ranges determine what time to go back and calculate the ‘From’ and ‘To’ surfaces for and thus the Volume difference between them.

  • A Date Range of Today will compare ‘From’ the end state of data prior to today ‘To’ the Last Pass of today.
  • A Date Range of Current Week will compare ‘From’ the end state of the data prior to the current week to the ‘To’ the Last Pass of the Current week.

There is an important rule noted here that WorksOS will look for the previous state of the data before the ‘From’ date (no matter how long ago).


Note: Date Range filters only impact machine data and Surveyed Surfaces and have no impact on designs when used in any volume calculation.