FAQ: How the Grid Report works

Document created by David Kosakowski on Nov 10, 2020
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How does the Grid Report work?



The Grid Report is a sampling report which defines a grid of sampling data points along a project’s data and then gives Quality Metrics readings at those points, as you requested. The Grid Report respects all filters.


Example: Below we have a project's Elevation Data.

If a Grid Report is run for that same filtered data set for a (sampling) interval of 5 meters for selected data types, then below is where those sampling data points would be in the project.

The Grid Report can also rotate the grid depending on the shape of the project data, i.e., a long, linear roading type project or a squarish building foundation project. The Grid Report can be rotated by degrees (azimuth) or by another fixed location. Below is the same project data with 5 intervals but with a Grid azimuth rotation of 45 degrees.