UASMaster 7.1 - at one glance

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Inpho® UASMaster v7.1 provides photogrammetrists and Geospatial professionals with new tools and enhanced usability that enables you to create project deliverables more


efficiently and with greater quality than before.


Browse through this presentation to see the highlights of the new version and additionally read the release-notes available in the download area



The new features in UAS Master v7.1 include:


Direct Georeferencing and support for high quality IMU and GNSS data



  • Increase your field efficiency by reducing the need for ground control points with data from UAS such as the Trimble UX5 HP


  • IMU data integration provides higher reliability and solution stability


  • Remove the need for ground control or GNSS constraints for some lower accuracy applications; dramatically reducing field capture time


Improved visualization and productivity tools for mapping and CAD-drafting



  • Easily visualize and map from the new 3D profile view capabilities


  • Auto-drape to terrain to enhance productivity and ease of use


Increased performance, stability and accuracy



  • Improved results from large oblique viewing angles


  • Further enhancements to reduce computing times


UASMaster v7.1 is freely available to customers on maintenance and does not require a new license to be installed, provided that a valid 7.x license is available