Tracking Tasks with ToDos

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Trimble Connect 

Tracking Tasks with ToDos

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Trimble Connect for Browser 

Create a ToDo 

Create a ToDo in Trimble Connect for Browser 

Create a ToDo in the 2D or 3D Viewer  

Add Files or Views to a ToDo 

Edit ToDo Details 

Edit Multiple ToDos 

ToDo Attachments 

Delete a ToDo 

ToDo Visibility  

ToDo Permissions 

Known Limitations 

Trimble Connect for Windows 

Creating a ToDo 

Embedded Views 

ToDo Labels 

Assigning ToDos 

Commenting on ToDos 

ToDo Attachments 

Add Attachments 

Working with Attachments 

Remove Attachments 

Link Model Objects to a ToDo 

Link Objects to a ToDo 

Remove Linked Objects

View Linked Objects in 3D 

Managing ToDos 

Edit a ToDo 

Delete a ToDo 

ToDos Tab 

Understanding the ToDo Listing 

Synchronizes ToDos from the Cloud 

Group ToDos 

Sort ToDos List 

Search ToDos 

Trimble Connect for Mobile

Create a ToDo 

Manage ToDos

Synchronize ToDos 

View & Edit a ToDo 

Open a ToDo in the 3D Viewer 

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