Clip Planes

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Feature supported in shown platforms only.


Trimble Connect Web


A clip plane is a very useful tool when needing to create a cross sectional view of a model.  Once the desired cross section has been created, it can be saved as a View or a ToDo and shared with various team members.


Creating a Clip Plane

  1. Click the clip plane icon   to  bring up the clip plane tool in the 3D viewer.  Sectioning can be done both vertically and horizontally.
  2. Place the clip plane along the axis that the model will be sliced, horizontally or vertically, and click to select that plane.
  3. Click on the directional arrows to drag the clip plane across  the model to create the cross sectional view.
  4. To make multiple cross sectional views in the model (up to 8) simply select the clip plane tool again and repeat the process.


Trimble Connect Desktop

You can add clip planes to focus on required details in the model. A clip plane cuts away a portion of the model along a plane that you select. Clip planes do not remove objects from the models, they just determine what is displayed in the 3D view. You can create up to 8 clip planes.


Add a clip plane

  1. On the 3D view toolbar, click .
  2. Snap to an object.
    Trimble Connect displays the orientation of the clip plane.
  3. Click the object to set the clip plane.
    A clip plane symbol  appears.
  4. To move a clip plane, drag a clip plane symbol to a new location.

Delete a clip plane 

Do one of the following:

  • Click the clip plane symbol and press Delete.
  • Click the clip plane symbol, right-click and select Remove.

Delete all clip planes

On the 3D view toolbar, click .
All the clip planes are deleted in the active view. The saved views retain their clip planes.


Trimble Connect Mobile

Create a Clip Plane

  1. Open model in 3D viewer.
  2. Click model display settings icon. mobile display icon tcm
  3. Select "ClipPlanes" under Display Options.
    model display settings tcm
  4. Select model element and click '+' icon.
    add clip plane
  5. Add new clip plane.
    add clip plane
  6. Select a clip plane icon on the model element and drag across sectional view.
    cut section plane tcm
  7. To create multiple clip planes, simply repeat the above steps.


Delete a Clip Plane

  1. Select a clip plane on the model.
    select clip plane tcm
  2. Click delete icon. delete clip plane icon
  3. The selected clip plane will be removed.


Delete all Clip Planes

  1. Select a clip plane on the model.
  2. Click delete all clip planes icon. delete all clip planes icon
  3. Click 'Yes' on the popup alert message if you want to delete all clip planes.
    alert warning message delete all clip planes tcm
  4. All clip planes will be removed.