User Roles Defined

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Trimble Connect Web

User Roles

The two user roles in Trimble Connect consist of a User and an Administrator.

  1. User
    • A non-admin user can invite anyone to a project, however the role of the user invited will be restricted to a non-admin user as well. A user has access all folders and files of the project unless they restricted access by the administrator.
  2. Administrator
    • An administrator can invite any user and provide them with administrator access to the project.
    • An administrator user can create/edit/delete groups from the Team page. The administrator can also assign a group to a user at the time of invite.
    • An administrator can set folder permission for any user, however folder permissions do not apply to administrator users since they have full access.
    • The administrator can remove any user from the team page and edit the user role.


Set or Change Roles

The role at the time of adding users to projects can be changed after users have been added.

  1. Set User Roles at Time of Adding Users.
    Simply choose the role from the invite window.

  2. Change User Roles
    To change a user's role after the have been added. Select the "Details" button for the user on the "Team" page. Then select the "Edit User" button at the top right corner. Then simply select the desired role and submit.