Get more done for less with Penmap for Android [GEO-1750]

Created by Martin Westers on Oct 8, 2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at Venetian Resort Hotel

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  • Martin Westers

Get more done for less with Penmap for Android [GEO-1750]


Trimble Penmap for Android (PMA) field software is an easy to use hybrid data collection application run on Android devices. Hybrid in the sense that the application performs typical survey workflows and GIS workflows while achieving survey grade accuracy. Penmap for Android is a good tool for surveyors looking to do some lite GIS data collection and a good tool for GIS professionals that want to perform surveying task such as stake out and a great tool for any professional that needs to collect centimeter accurate data but doesn’t have a surveying/GIS background. 
Key Objectives
1) Introduce users to Penmap for Android
2) Inform on all the functionality available for GIS and Survey for Penmap for Android
3) Show how Penmap for Android can help your organization be more productive and save money


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