Save the Date - Trimble Business Center - Power User Group - Europe

Created by Alan Sharp on Sep 27, 2019

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure, 2, Lister Street, Birmingham, B7 4AG

Starts at 12:00 AM · Ends on Feb 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM, PDT (America/Los_Angeles)


Due to "Popular Demand" and repeated requests from our Geospatial and Construction Distribution Partners, we have finalized the venue and dates for the first Trimble Business Center - Power Users Group meeting in Europe



Event Venue

National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure in their fantastic training facility

2, Lister Street,

Birmingham, B7 4AG

Tel: +44 (0) 330 120 0375



Event Dates

The event will run as follows

Tuesday 11th Feb         8:00am to 5:00pm

Wednesday 12th Feb    8:00am to 5:00pm

Thursday 13th Feb        8:00am to 2:00pm


Additional Day - HS2 Day

In addition we are also hosting an HS2 day on Friday14th February at the same venue, designed to provide a Trimble forum for data flow processes and discussions with HS2 Contractor Teams and Design Joint Venture Partners.


Event Details

This event will be totally in English and is for our dealers and customers primarily in the Northern European region (UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands etc.). Of course any user of Trimble Business Center from anywhere in the world can attend provided that they are already a reasonable user of the product and have a good understanding of the English Language.


The Power User Group concept was started in the USA 2 years ago and has been extremely popular so we are now taking it international to cover our rapidly growing Global User Base. 


The event is open to both Trimble Geospatial and Civil Engineering and Construction partners and customers, and will be focused primarily on Construction Modeling and Estimating workflows. Our Geospatial Division has also started Power User Groups for the pure Survey Workflows that are open to Civil Construction customers also as required. While there is always a large overlap in capability, we find that there are two separate sets of need out there and it is extremely difficult to cover everything in one type of class.


Event - Training Class Leader

The Power User Groups will be led by Alan Sharp, Business Area Director of the Civil Engineering and Construction Software Division and will be supported by regional software specialists from Trimble and our distribution partners. 


If you are interested in attending, please email me at alan_sharp@trimble.com so I can capture your interest and follow up through our distribution partners. (See below for more details)


Looking forward to this event and working with you in February


Alan Sharp


Additional Information


Recommended Hotel

For those coming from out of town, we recommend the following hotel which is close to the training venue.


Hotel Name: The Clayton Hotel

Hotel Address: 85 Albert Street, Birmingham, England, B5 5JE, United Kingdom

Hotel Phone: +44 121 726 3200

Hotel Website: www.claytonhotelbirmingham.com


The hotel is ~15 minutes walk from the event venue and is close to the heart of Birmingham with easy access to the train station, parking and all other Birmingham amenities. The Trimble team will be staying at this Hotel so that we can network with you after the training finishes each day.



All attendees will require their own computer. Additional Screens will be provided on a per table basis so that you can easily follow the "On Screen" activity anywhere in the classroom.


Software For The Training

Because we will be covering a wide variety of topics, all attendees will be provided with a 30 Day Software License that provides access to all modules of the software. This will allow you to participate fully in the raining, allows you to leave your production licenses at the office for others to use in your absence and provides you with the tools to learn in your own time after the training has concluded. You will be provided with the software license the week before the training event.


Software Version For The Training

As a minimum we will be using the version 5.20.01 for the class, however it is quite likely that there will be a 5.21.00 version release prior to the training, in which case we will be using that version for the class. We will provide more details prior to the event.


Who Should Attend?

The Trimble sponsored event will be hosted in combination with SITECH and Geospatial dealers of UK and Ireland and is open to all Trimble Business Center users from the European / Middle East region.


Trimble Business Center has an extremely wide capability, however there is a lot of common ground between the extremes required specifically for the CEC or Geospatial user. The training will primarily focus on the middle ground areas that are suited to all types of users. We will be polling attendees as to what they would like to learn / what areas they would like us to focus on prior to the event and will tailor the event accordingly. 


For sure we will be covering Site and Highway Construction / survey modeling applications including Data Preparation, Estimating, Corridor Modeling, Field Data Management and Producing Reports and Drawing Deliverables. We will also look at the use of Point Clouds in modeling and computation processes.


The Power User Group is an Intermediate to Advanced user training, it will not cover the basics of the software, so all attendees should be proficient in the use of the software already. 



Training Goal / Objective

Our goal is to make this an annual event to develop a strong user group for the Trimble Business Center application. The training is targeted at getting users from 50% to 80/90% productive with the software, and will teach techniques and workflows associated with that goal. 


Networking Opportunity

As always, these events provide a great networking opportunity to see how others in industry are using Trimble Business Center and other Trimble Products in construction applications, and to also learn from Trimble specialists.


Event Registration

This first PUG event for the UK / Northern Europe region is limited to 45 seats on a first come first served basis.  If you would like to tentatively hold a seat at the event, please send your Name, Company, Location (City/State), email address, cell phone number and job description/title to alan_sharp@trimble.com.  Please also indicate your business focus (Geospatial Services or Construction e.g. a Professional Surveyor working for a Survey Company doing mixed surveying services would be Geospatial whereas a professional surveyor working for a contractor on construction projects would be Construction by this definition). You can indicate both if you feel that is justified.


Event Pricing

The cost to attend the event is GBP 675 / Euro 795 and includes lunch plus refreshments on all 3 days of the event. Attendees should place their purchase order on their Geospatial or SITECH dealer directly using the following order information. Your dealer will place their purchase order on Trimble to confirm your reservation. If you are holding a seat tentatively already, it will be confirmed only when Trimble receives a Purchase Order from your dealer. 


  1. Part Number PUG-INT-03 - Training - Software - PUG UK - TBC Power Users Group
  2. Quantity of Attendees 
  3. Name of each attendee (First Name / Last Name)
  4. Company Name
  5. City / County / State / Country of your professional location
  6. Email Address of Each Attendee
  7. Cell / Office Phone for each Attendee
  8. Job Title of each attendee
  9. Geospatial or Construction or Both focus of your company / role


Seats will be reserved and confirmed once an official Purchase Order has been received from your SITECH or Geospatial dealer. You should place your Purchase Order for the training on your local SITECH or Geospatial Dealer.


SITECH and Geospatial Dealers will shortly receive more detailed guidelines to work with, please contact alan_sharp@trimble.com if you have any questions.


I am looking forward to working with you in November


Alan Sharp

National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure, 2, Lister Street, Birmingham, B7 4AG