TBC Power Hour for Construction - TBC TML Macros

Created by Alan Sharp on Dec 11, 2019

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at Webnar

Starts at 8:00 AM ยท Ends at 9:00 AM, PDT (America/Los_Angeles)

The next TBC Power Hour in January 2020 will take a deep dive into the TML Macro Capabilities of Trimble Business Center. The session will cover the following points


  • What is a TML Macro?
  • Why did Trimble add Macro capabilities to TBC?
  • How do I access TMLs for TBC?
  • How do I know when a New Macro becomes available?
  • How do I know when a TML Macro has been updated?
  • Why does Trimble develop TMLs?
  • Who else develops TMLs?
  • Are they Free or do I have to pay for the TML extensions?
  • If I have a product need and want a TML written - who can do that for me?
  • What TMLs are available and what do they do / how do they help me do my job better / faster?


The Hosts for the event will be Delondon Harrison and Nick Fifarek


The presenter will be Alan Sharp - Business Area Director for CE Software Solutions at Trimble


Please join us for this informative Power Hour - Register Here


Look forward to meeting you online


Alan Sharp / Nick Fifarek / Delondon Harrison