• Failed to link debit card with Cash App Customer Service Phone Number?

    To linking a virtual debit card with your Cash app account, you have to activate it. You have two options for it, either with QR code or without QR code. But, it becomes easy to activate it with the use of QR code, be...
    Mary smith
    created by Mary smith
  • How to remove point clouds outside 2D trajectory polygon?

    Hi I need to remove some points outside the 2D polygon. How can I do that? I tried to find the way but I did not get it. Is there any way to remove points that have elevation data from 2D data? Fyi, I use TBC version...
    Atika Marwati
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  • Tip of the Week

    Here you can find all the tips published by product experts from the Trimble Mapping & GIS group in one handy place. Keep checking back or bookmark this page so you can find it easily later.   #1 - How to cr...
    Felicity Boag
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  • Tip of the Week #12 - Accessories to Complete the Catalyst Solution

    The DA1 antenna is lightweight and small. It’s easy to use in all kinds of customized configurations!   Using the standard push-fit mount the DA1 antenna can be attached to any 32 mm diameter pole or rod. T...
    Mathias Roehring
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  • Extend an existing calibration in Siteworks

    Is there a way to extend out a calibration that has already been performed and saved on a project in Siteworks/SCS900? We are looking to add 2 or 3 more calibration points to an addition of the project we were aw...
    Tom Silicato
    created by Tom Silicato
  • Why can't TBC export images with RCP exporter?

    Most of my clients are requesting Autodesk RCP format for pointcloud deliverables, why can't TBC export the SX10 photos for the photo sphere like faro does?
    John Whidden
    created by John Whidden
  • SX10 Tip

    SX10 Prism Mode Range Error (1mm + 1.5ppm) Go into EDM settings in Trimble Access and set the standard deviation to 0.1mm, the instrument will keep shooting until the Standard Deviation is achieved or it times out. ...
    John Whidden
    created by John Whidden
  • Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release Note - Introducing Layer Management

    Today we launched another new version of the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer, available at  https://3d.connect.trimble.com. This update introduces support for Layer Management: from now on when drawings and/or mod...
    Marcel Broekmaat
    created by Marcel Broekmaat
  • Filtering point cloud by angle of incidence and range

    Requested features 1. Step Angle – this would allow the user to set a parameter for each individual scan that limited the display and use of scan points based on the angle of incidence between the scanner and t...
    John Whidden
    created by John Whidden
  • kml photo contrast

    When I blend and balance the SX10 photos in TBC, the result tends to be a bit dark. Is there a way to lighten the contrast and brighten up the photo? See attached screen shots.
    John Whidden
    created by John Whidden
  • How to assign Siteworks-Emulator to Worksmanager?

    I want to assign my Siteworks-Emulator to my worksmanager account just like I did with my TSC7. Is this possible? What do you have to pay special attentions to?
    Frank Pötschke
    created by Frank Pötschke
  • Best workflow for this data, SX10, X7 and drone.

    Hi guys!   How would you recommend me to get the best out of this data set? This is a test set for me because i want to know how good the X7 scanner are together with other data.  In the dropbox link you wil...
    Fredrik Bergstrom
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  • How to use line control codes in the field?

    I have made a feature library that includes line control codes that I want to use in the field during a topo survey. I have made a beginning code that creates a new line sequence and also an ending code that closes th...
    Jody Savage
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  • Drape Object vs Elevate Line

    How of curiosity,  what difference is there between “drape object and elevate line”? One thing I do know about drape object is. That object can not be used after it has been draped to a surface for an...
    Francisco Guerrero
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  • Data Management between files?

    In Civil 3D we can use several dwg's to spread out the data load in more manageable units. For example: Dwg 1 - Existing survey data and surface file Dwg 2 - Design data and surface file Dwg 3 - As-built data and ...
    John Whidden
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  • Where you get Cash app customer service?

    Cash app allows to send money only available in the country where you live, but it’s all services are only accessible in the UK, USA, Canda. So, you are clear that you are not eligible to access Square Cash app ...
    Adam Walker
    created by Adam Walker
  • How do I Talk to a Cash app representative to know its limit?

    With the use of Cash Card, you can withdraw money from ATM up to the following limits. The limits are $310 per transaction, $1000 in 24-hours, and also $1000 in any 7 days period. You also get a checkout by choosing a...
    Adam Walker
    created by Adam Walker
  • Problem with the Trimble Sync manager

    Hello,  I recently found myself in front of a problem with the trimble sync manager. Apparently due to some wrong characters, some files are not able to be synchronized. I don't know if it's a special character...
    Florent Loubie
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  • how do I load older data into Positions that wasnt set up wit this software. I have older files collected with TerraSync

    Trying to bring older files into current workflow with Positions, but the files were collected prior to new software was integrated. Now want to be able to use Positions to handle all files and correct raw data withou...
    Larry Miller
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    I have several objects in my model with the name of "spine".  I want to turn them all a specific color.
    Thomas Amador
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