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Why do I get "ERROR: UNKNOWN ERROR" when trying to run a Tally report on the TSC3?

Blog Post created by Rob Koot on Apr 6, 2016

A recent question from a customer:

Just saw something I thought you might find interesting. I took the collector we are using for Joint Mapping and attempted to generate some Tally Reports. Every single one I tried popped up an error. The funny thing is that the error was: "ERROR: UNKNOWN ERROR". And several of the reports initiated a hard reboot of the collector...  Any thoughts?



It sounds like the TSC3 ran out of memory.  The memory management on the TSC3 operating system is not great, and it can’t handle large amounts of data that need lots of memory to process.

The only solution here is to use the ASCII File Generator application on your PC to create the reports (or use a Tablet).



Yes sir, I'm pretty sure it is the memory issue. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly experienced at creating reports in TBC. It is actually the first thing in my list for Friday morning.



The ASCII File Generator is not TBC – this is a different utility, that can run reports of your TA jobs, and tally files.

You can download it from a similar place as the tally merger utility. There are sample reports you can download there too.



I have the style sheets for TBC that should give me the same ability shouldn't it? 



The data you send into TBC is all the as-built data – which includes all the attributes.

If you want to do a job report, then Yes, you can do it in TBC or the ASCII File Generator.


The actual tally and joint map data is only in the tally files – and they don’t go into TBC.

So if you want to report on the tally and joint maps, then if they are not too big you can use the controller, or you can use the ASCII File Generator. One thing to be aware of is that the ASCII File Generator works off a job, or xml file. The Tally files aren’t either, HOWEVER we do create an XML file for you. On the controller this happens automatically when you go into Tally reports. If you use ASCII File Generator, then the XML file you want to report with can either come from the controller (as just described), or the Merger utility also creates an XML file automatically.


To get a copy of the Pipelines Tally and Joint Map Updater utility go to then click Downloads on the right and browse to Trimble Access Pipelines. There is also a Release note document here, we update this utility from time to time, so I would recommend checking the release notes from time to time to see if there are updates.

The ASCII File Generator utility and sample reports can be found in the same Downloads section.