Joseph Sekida

Create Tally question

Blog Post created by Joseph Sekida on Jun 30, 2016

I'm creating a tally using a Mill Manifest and assigning a unique ID to each joint. I encountered the following issue.

A pipe data crew assigns a unique ID and enters pipe number 2992, which they find in a pipe stockpile, into the Pipe No. field and selects find. The software populates the screen with pipe number 2992-6 which exists in the manifest, but pipe 2992 does not exist in the manifest. Both pipes have different heat numbers and lengths and are clearly not the same pipe. Should the software not first prompt that pipe 2992 does not exist in the manifest, rather than auto-populate the fields with attributes from the wrong pipe?

My concern is a field crew inadvertently accepting what the software prompts, rather than clearly being given an error message saying the pipe doesn't exist in the manifest. Is this working as designed?