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Hello Everyone,


This week's tbc tip is on streamlined layer creation.  In the example below a linestring has been created along one of the painted road markings.  The layer for this linestring is currently set to "0".  If you would like to quickly create and change the layer of an object follow these steps:



Simply select the Layer field and press space bar.  This opens the Layer Manager and automatically creates a new layer from where you can type in a new name, layer color, line style, etc. 



Until next week....Happy Surveying!




TBC Team

Riley Smith

TBC Tip of the Week

Posted by Riley Smith Jan 20, 2017

Hey Everyone,


We are starting a new blog post called "TBC Tip of the Week" where a new feature or trick that is not commonly known is highlighted.  Feel free to comment on this post for any suggestions you would like to see.


Tip of the Week #1 - Coordinate Controls


This week's tip is on using Coordinate Controls to perform on the fly calculations.  The coordinate controls are located in various commands and you can tell by the symbol next to the field (see image below).



There is a large selection of commands available when using these coordinate controls.  Simply select the field and right-click.  You will see a drop down list of commands such as bearing-bearing intersections, offsets, center of arc, tangent, and many others.



These are great tools for performing on the fly calculations and basic point creation. Bearing Bearing, Bearing Distance, and Distance Distance are great for performing calculations for boundary surveys, while the Intersection, Perpendicular, and Offset options streamline the creation of construction stake points.


Until next week...Happy Surveying!




TBC Team

The survey office software is often overlooked in the cadastral and boundary workflow.  Professionals are focused on making the right decisions to retrace, re-established, define, and monument boundaries.  An software package (such as TBC) provides the surveyor a complete workflow that ensures that the key data and decisions made in the field transfer into a confident deliverable.


With the implementation of the CreateCOGO command in v3.80 of trimblebusinesscenter, users can now quickly key in geometry such as from a survey plan or deed by use of keyboard and/or mouse click entry.  Never fumble with your mouse to find the correct line or point create tool again! 


Once the survey plan data has been entered, lot closure reports can be generated for not one, but all parcel data entered!  Speeding up a previously arduous process.


To find out more about how TBC can improve your Cadastral Workflow attend the next TBC Power Hour.  You can register here.


There is also a large library of instructional YouTube videos at the TBC Survey channel.