Riley Smith

Improving your Cadastral Workflows in TBC

Blog Post created by Riley Smith on Jan 16, 2017

The survey office software is often overlooked in the cadastral and boundary workflow.  Professionals are focused on making the right decisions to retrace, re-established, define, and monument boundaries.  An software package (such as TBC) provides the surveyor a complete workflow that ensures that the key data and decisions made in the field transfer into a confident deliverable.


With the implementation of the CreateCOGO command in v3.80 of trimblebusinesscenter, users can now quickly key in geometry such as from a survey plan or deed by use of keyboard and/or mouse click entry.  Never fumble with your mouse to find the correct line or point create tool again! 


Once the survey plan data has been entered, lot closure reports can be generated for not one, but all parcel data entered!  Speeding up a previously arduous process.


To find out more about how TBC can improve your Cadastral Workflow attend the next TBC Power Hour.  You can register here.


There is also a large library of instructional YouTube videos at the TBC Survey channel.