Riley Smith

TBC Tip of the Week #3 - Project Cleanup

Blog Post created by Riley Smith on Feb 3, 2017

Welcome to another TBC Tip of the Week.  Have you ever spent hours drafting and realized that you need to do some serious cleanup?  The Project Cleanup command in TBC gives you the ability to tidy up those CAD intensive jobs.  This feature removes unwanted clutter from your TBC project such as unused layer styles, snaps together those small missed line connections, filters out overlapping line segments, and various other helpful tools.



Get into TBC's Data Prep Module and benefit from the powerful functionality of the Project Cleanup feature.  The Data Prep Module provides additional features such as importing and georeferencing 3D PDFs and Digitizing Tools. See the following link for a YouTube Video covering the Data Prep Module workflow: Data Prep Workflow - Trimble Business Center - YouTube 


Until next week happy surveying!



TBC Team