Boris Skopljak

Tip of the Week #6 – Using View Filters

Blog Post created by Boris Skopljak on Apr 18, 2017

Your TBC screen is getting full of data, turning the data on and off in the View Filter is getting very repetitive? You have a different data types in the project as well as survey data from different days that you want to analyze separately. If so, this tip is going to be very valuable.


You can open as many Plan Views and 3D Views as you want. Just go to the View ribbon tab and launch another Plan View or 3D View. A new tab will show next to your existing Plan View.

In the View Filter Manager, you can select “Copy View Filter” in the upper right. It will create a copy of the View Filter and then you can turn off the layers or survey data you do not want to see.

In the image below you can see the resulting CAD work on the left and the survey data on the right as well as the point cloud data in another 3D view following the two steps described above. Notice that the name of the Filter will be displayed in the brackets next to the View Name.

Using View Filters and multiple views can make handling complex data and project review and deliverable generation much easier to manage.


Happy Surveying,

TBC Team