Joe Blecha

TBC 3.90 Released!

Blog Post created by Joe Blecha on May 12, 2017

In time for a nice spring or fall weekend of survey data reduction, CAD drafting, point cloud feature extraction, or UAV data processing, we are happy to announce TBC 3.90 is available for download here.


Highlights include:

  • Create, edit, and transform linestrings, polygons, dynaviews, and best fit lines in the Cutting Plane View
  • Orthophoto creation from point cloud data and Ortho-Rectified Image creation from Trimble VISION or SX10 panorama images
  • SmartPick tool for semi-automatic extraction of face of curb and gutter geometry from point clouds
  • Legal Description Writer for cadastral survey projects for parcels, polygons, or closed linework
  • Ortho drafting, tracking, and snaps for CAD drafting and editing
  • Select similar, match properties, three-point circle, and three-point rectangle CAD drafting features
  • Mobile Mapping MX7 Support and Feature Extraction
  • UASMaster 8.1 with improved Batch Processing (one-click) processing solution