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It's never too early to plan ahead for the next TBC Power Hour. It'll be on Wednesday, December 20th, two sessions, either 8am Mountain Standard Time or 4pm Mountain Standard Time, like usual.
We'll be doing something a little different for this session... you, our beloved users, customers, and friends, will be generating the topics through questions you can submit ahead of time! The TBC Team will be live to answer your questions submitted through this form:
So, if there's been a workflow or command that you just can't figure out, or want to know why the TBC ribbon changes so much, or what our favorite tip-and/or-trick is in TBC, let us know through the form!
And, as if you needed any more incentive to submit a question and attend, we'll send a TBC: From Field to Finish With Confidence t-shirt to everyone whose question gets answered in the video!
See you on December 20th! Look for the registration link here in a few days:
The last Wednesday of the month is no ordinary Wednesday... It's TBC Power Hour day!
Join us tomorrow for November's TBC Power Hour - Site Calibrations and Local Site Settings in TBC. If you enjoyed July's Working with Grid and Ground Coordinates in TBC, this session is for you!
We'll be discussing and demonstrating TBC's Local Site Settings to transform grid coordinates to ground coordinates and Site Calibration routines to localize GNSS to grid coordinates.
Rumor has it that there will be some TBC swag giveaways too.
Not an ordinary Wednesday at all!
Sign-up here:

Join us on November 29th for the November TBC Power Hour on Site Calibrations and Local Site Settings in TBC


Site calibrations, localizations, and ground coordinate computations are not just for survey field software. Let us show you the powerful tools in TBC to create and edit multi- and single point site calibrations, set a single point project location, and how to setup TBC to use ground coordinates in this month’s TBC Power Hour.


Sign up here: