Joe Blecha

Tip of the Week #41 - Vertical Exaggeration in 3D View

Blog Post created by Joe Blecha on May 18, 2018

Did you know you can easily apply a vertical exaggeration in TBC's 3D View?


With a project open to a 3D View, notice there is a VE:1.0 text string in the bottom left corner.  What's the 'VE' stand for?  You guessed it, Vertical Exaggeration, which will apply a simple scalar value to the vertical components of TBC data like point clouds or surfaces..



With the view active, press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard, then use the mouse scroll wheel to change the vertical exaggeration.


Scroll up to increase the exaggeration:



And scroll down to decrease the exaggeration:



And, each 3D View can support their own vertical exaggeration scalar, so you can have multiple views open at the same time and visualize your data at different exaggerations:



View your data from multiple angles, multiple views, and multiple exaggerations to aid in your drafting, CAD, data reduction workflows!


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