Joe Blecha

Critical Alert - Software Patch for 'Publish to Clarity' Available

Blog Post created by Joe Blecha on Jul 17, 2018


A production issue was identified by the Trimble Clarity team on July 12, 2018 where the ‘Publish to Clarity’ upload functionality became unavailable for those users on Trimble Clarity Publisher version 1.1.119.   We now have a downloadable patch to resolve the issue. 


We highly encourage everyone to apply this patch to the current TBC Version 4.10 as soon as you can to resume publishing Clarity Presentations.


  • Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and Uninstall your existing Trimble Clarity Publisher version (1.1.119) installed on your system

  • Download TrimbleClaritySetup.msi (Installer) file from

  • Once TrimbleClaritySetup.msi (Installer) is downloaded to your system, double click the file to install a new version (1.1.126) of the Trimble Clarity Publisher.


The patch will advance your Trimble Clarity Publisher from version 1.1.119 to 1.1.126 as seen in your Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list.


The patch will also be available via the TBC 'Check for Updates' mechanism soon.


Thank you,

The Trimble Clarity Team