Matt McLean

Tip of the Week #64 - View Filter Manager Shortcuts

Blog Post created by Matt McLean on Jan 10, 2019

Here we go, 2019! Is it just me or do the work days seem to continually have less time in them?


For this week’s TBC Tip of the Week, we highlight some shortcuts in the View Filter Manager which can reduce the amount of scrolling required to find that pesky layer, and quickly isolating the desired layer(s).



Shift + Click on the expand toggle. Holding Shift, select any toggle to open/close all Layer Groups.



Right click on any Layer Group that contains layers, (not an empty group), Right Click, and select View All or Hide All. This doesn’t toggle the surface layer group, as that would cause more harm than good in quickly finding a point or line that didn’t make it to the correct layer.



Right clicking on a layer, and toggling View All or Hide All. This will turn on/off all layers in the Layer Group which contains the layer.


And that concludes this week’s TBC Tip of the Week! It’s all about shaving off those seconds in the work day!


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