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Tip of the Week #65 - An Alternative to OPUS in TBC

Blog Post created by Matt McLean on Jan 18, 2019

Welcome back to another Tip of the Week! Amid the US government shutdown, you may be missing your OPUS post-processing corrections from the NGS. Fortunately for your static GNSS data, Trimble is not shut down and can supply another correction service, CenterPoint RTX Point Positioning. The best part? CenterPoint RTX-PP is available directly through TBC!


This feature is licensed in TBC Advanced and higher in v5.0.


Before getting into the how-to, I'll give a little introduction to RTX-PP within TBC. First and most notable: If your receiver is capable of tracking more constellations than just GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, (like BeiDou or QZSS), then RTX-PP will already get you one step ahead of OPUS. RTX-PP supports observations up to 24 hours in length, with a recommended length of at least 60 minutes.


There are three ways to post process static data using RTX-PP in TBC: 

1. Send to RTX-PP on import.


2. From the Project Explorer. Right click on the imported observation file, and click Send to RTX-PP.


3. From the Survey ribbon. Survey > GNSS > Send to RTX-PP.


If you want to submit the files directly to CenterPoint RTX-PP, that can be done from the website


Best of luck and thank you for reading!


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