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Good morning, afternoon, evening, and goodnight! Welcome back, here we go again!

For many of us, monitor real estate is a precious resource that we need to make the best use of to optimize productivity, and more importantly, sanity. I find myself keeping the properties pane open all the time when working in v5.0+. The downside, I sacrifice some space for the plan view and running commands. That doesn’t have to be the case! The Properties pane can be docked along with the Project Explorer and View Filter Manager, and cycled through using Ctrl + Tab.

Open the Properties pane by right clicking anywhere (or on something) in Plan View.

Click and drag the title bar of the Properties, and move the cursor to the top of the Project Explorer or Plan View so the box outline is shown as below.

The Project Manager, View Filter Manager, and Properties can be selected using the tabs at the bottom.

The panes can also be cycled using Ctrl + Tab.

TBC - From Field to Finish (and back!) with Confidence

Are you a big fan of the Google Earth export in TBC? I sure am! It's handy for quickly sharing project data with clients in a digestible form. Did you know TBC has it's own background imagery? This is great for screenshots, deliverables, and—most notably—verifying that field data is in the correct coordinate system and things are (at least) close to where they should be!


Background Maps and Imagery are available in TBC Intermediate Edition and higher. If you're not sure what you're licensed for, go to Support > License > License Manager in TBC to find out.


Here I have a parcel which was keyed-in from a survey plan, (check out the CreateCOGO command on the Survey ribbon and this video to see how I did it), and I want to verify it's location to ensure my coordinate system is set up properly.


First thing I need to do, is log in to my free Trimble Connect account. I can do this from Options in the Quick Access toolbar.


Next, External Services - Profiles. If you don't have a Trimble Connect account yet, head over to and create a free account! We at Trimble are moving towards having a single login for all of our services, and Trimble Connect is that single account. If you have a Trimble Connect account already, click Create and choose a name for your profile.


Enter a name for your profile.


Then select Sign-In to open a login screen for Trimble Connect.


Select OK to close out of the options. To toggle the background map, select the Map toggle on the Status bar at the bottom of TBC.


This will open a Trimble Mapview background map by default. This shows roads and building footprints in most areas. 


What about background imagery you might ask? Well, we on the TBC team have the solution for you!


On the Project Explorer, right click on your project, select Properties. In the Properties pane, go to Type: and in the drop-down, select DigitalGlobe Imagery.


To better view your data over the background map, try toggling the background color on the TBC status bar, or adjusting the Transparency of the background map.


And there you go! Background Maps and Imagery built into TBC for quick verification of data.


TBC - From Field to Finish (and back!) with Confidence