Sudam Fernando

Tip # 78 : Cleaning up Point Cloud data using 'region' tab

Blog Post created by Sudam Fernando on Jul 12, 2019

Ever look at your point clouds and how it is filtered with unwanted data ? Well Today I'm going to be showing you how to create new point cloud regions with only the needed data. 


Let's start with our scan data, as shown below. We can see that there are lots of unnecessary information presented in this scan and I am looking to optimize my view in order to maximize my work efficiency. 

We will start off by clicking the ‘Polygon Select’ shown in the red arrow and creating a boundary around the area you want. Then we can go to the ‘Point Clouds’ ribbon and hit ‘Create Region’ under ‘Regions Tab’





You are able to name your selection with any name you desire and we can head to the project explorer and right click our original point cloud and right click and select ‘Toggle Visibility’ to keep the whole point cloud from showing in our views.  




To go beyond this and remove more unwanted data from your selected region, we can select the unwanted region in your preferred viewing method and click ‘Keep out’  under the ‘Regions Tab’ to get rid of the selected area or ‘Keep in’ for vice versa



Now that your point cloud has been cleaned up, you are able to complete your workflow with ease ! 

Hope this Tip comes in handy the next time you are using point cloud data.